Our approach

AMRO works alongside clients in a highly collaborative process to co-design strategic plans based on a mutual understanding of operational challenges. By diving deeper into these areas with your company, together we’re able to identify opportunities where leveraging augmented or virtual reality technology would net measurable perceived benefits.

Extended Reality (XR) Technology

The entire spectrum ranging from the physical world to a completely virtual reality. By leveraging XR, your company can empower your employees with simulated training, real-time collaboration using first person video, and guided smart instructions to accomplish a series of activities.

Agile Design & Development

From ideation to launching digital products, our team believes that the framework to iteratively test multiple variations of a solution throughout the course of development is the most effective way to setup a project for success.

How we do it

When evaluating XR technologies, AMRO works with companies to build pilot programs around measurable goals to reduce support costs and mitigate known risks, improve operational efficiency with enhanced training, and increase reliability by implementing technology and industry best practices.

XR Discovery

AMRO co-designs IT & XR operation plans with your team based on challenges and opportunities that have been vetted through an XR Pilot Feasibility Review.

This is the first step towards the direction of building a successful pilot and is centered around people and process just as much as the technology.

Pilot & Testing

The beginning of every product journey starts with diving into the specific business challenges and analyzing opportunities that as a team we seek to integrate between business requirements and the technology solution being built.

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